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Park, Jun-seok Professor
Lab : Building & environment design lab
Tel : +82-02-2220-1743
Fax : 02-2220-1945
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Professor Park teaches “Building environment", "Thermal-fluid dynamics", HVAC(Heating ventilation, Air-conditioning)system Design", and "Theramal Environment" at Det. of Architectural engineering of Hanyang University. He received Ph.D (Dr. Eng) in Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1998, and then he had been working as a researcher of National Institute of Public Heath of Japan from 1999-2003.
Main research areas of Prof. Park are indoor air quality and ventilation in buildings. For the indoor air quality, source control technologies and simulation tools have been developed based on field experiment and review of theories. And ventilation strategy for sustainable buildings has been researched through National Research Funds. He also conjoined in BK21 Program (Brain Korea 21) and SUSB(Sustainable Building Research Center, funded by mest. KOSEF).
He has also presented more than 30 articles, which were peer reviewed from international and national societies, and got authorized prizes from the related societies. He is now the member of AIK(Architectural Institute of Korea), AIJ (Architectural Institute of Japan), ISIAQ (International Society of Indoor Air Quality), and has played as Board member of KOSIE (Korean Society for Indoor Environment), KIAEBS (Korean Institute of Architectural Sustainable Environment and Building system), KSES (Korean Solar Energy Society), KSLES (The Society of Living Environment System Korea)

Ph.D(Dr.Eng.) Tokyo Institute of Technology, 1998
Master of Architectural Engineering, Hanyang University, 1994
B.A. in Architecture, Hanyang University, 1991

Professional Experience
1998-1999, Lecturer, Yokohama National University
1999-2003, Researcher, NIPH, Japan
2003-2006, Guest Researcher, NIPH, Japan
2003-Present, Associate Professor, Hanyang University

Major research projects
- Indoor built environment
- Indoor environment quality
- Indoor air quality
- Source control
- Behavior of occupant
- HVAC system, energy, sustainable building

Selected Publications
J.S. Park and H.J. Kim, A field study of occupant behavior and energy consumption in apartments with

mechanical ventilation, Energy and Buildings, (2012) Online 10.1016, 7 pages

J.S. Park and C.H. Yoon, The effects of outdoor air supply rate on work performance during 8-h work period, Indoor Air, (2011) 21.284-290

T.J. Kim and J.S. Park, , Natural ventilation with traditional Korean opening in contemporary house, Building and Environment, (2010) Vol. 45, 51-57

J.S. Park and K. Ikeda,., Variations of formaldehyde and VOC levels during 3 years in new and older homes, Indoor Air, (2006) Vol. 16, 129-135

J.S. Park and K. Ikeda, , Exposure to the Mixtures of Organic Compounds in Homes in Japan, Indoor Air, (2004) Vol.14, 413-420

J.S.Park and K.Ikeda, Database system, AFoDAS/AVODAS, on indoor air organic Compounds in Japan, Indoor Air, (2003) Vol.13, 35-41

J.S.Park and S.Fujii, Characteristics of Volatile Organic Compounds Emissions from Solid Building Materials, study on the effect of environmental conditions on emissions from materials Part 1, Transactions of AIJ, (2000) No.536, pp.49-54

J.S.Park, S.Fujii, K.Yuasa and A.Toyozumi, Survey on Volatile Organic Compounds and The Effect of Emission from Building Materials in Residence, Transactions of AIJ, (1998.7) No.509, pp.27-32