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Jeong, Jae-Weon Professor
Lab : Building Mechanical & Environmental Systems Lab.
Tel : +82-02-2220-2370
Fax : 02-2220-1945
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Dr.Jeong received his B.S(1995) and M.S.(1997) degrees in Architectural Engineering from Korea University in South Korea, and Ph.D. (2003) in Building Mechanical Systems from Pennsylvania State University in United States of America.

Ph.D., Architectural Engineering, Penn State University, 2004
M.S., Architectural Engineering, Korea University, 1997
B.S., Architectural Engineering, Korea University, 1995

Professional Experience
Associate Professor, Architectural Engineering, Hanyang University, Sept, 2012 - Present
Associate Professor, Architectural Engineering, Sejong University, Mar. 2011 - Aug. 2012
Assistant Professor, Architectural Engineering, Sejong University, Sep. 2007 - Feb. 2011
Assistant Professor, Civil and Architectural Engineering, Texas A&M University - Kingsville, Jan. 2007 - Aug. 2007
Lecturer, Architectural Engineering, Penn State University, Aug. 2004 - Dec. 2006
Research Associate, Indoor Environment Center, Penn State University, Jul. 2004 - Dec. 2006
Teaching Assistant, Architectural Engineering, Penn State University, Jan. 2004 - May 2004
Research Assistant, Architectural Engineering, Penn State University, Jun.2001 - Dec. 2003
Research Assistant, Architectural Engineering, Korea University, Seoul, Korea, Mar. 1995 - Jun. 1996

Major research projects
- Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS)
- Radiant Cooling & Heating Panel Technology
- Web-Based Control in Building HVAC System Applications
- Energy Conservation in Building Mechanical Systems
- Mathematical Modeling, Simulation, and Optimization Building Mechanical Components and Systems
- Control of Ventilation Systems to provide acceptable Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
- Building System Integration
- Solar and Alternate Energy Applications in Building HVAC Systems
- Green and Sustainable Building Technologies
- Immune Building Systems
- Emerging Building Mechanical Systems

Selected Publications
Jin, Jeong-Tak, J.W. Jeong. 2013. "Thermal characteristic prediction models for a free-form building in various climate zones", Energy (In-Press). (SCI)

Kwon, Oh-Hyun, M.H. Kim, A.S. Choi, J.W. Jeong. 2012. "Energy saving potential of a hybrid ventilation system integrated with heat storage material", Energy and Buildings (In-Press). (SCIE)

Kim, Min-Hwi, A.S. Choi, J.W. Jeong. 2012. "Energy performance of an evaporative cooler assisted 100% outdoor air system in the heating season operation", Energy and Buildings 49: 402-409. (SCIE)

Kim, Min-Hwi, J.H. Kim, A.S. Choi, J.W. Jeong. 2011. "Experimental study on heat exchange effectiveness of a dry coil indirect evaporative cooler under various operating conditions", Energy 36(11): 6479-6489. (SCI)

Kim, Min-Hwi, J.H. Kim, O.H. Kwon, A.S. Choi, J.W. Jeong. 2011. "Energy Conservation Potential of an Indirect and Direct Evaporative Cooling Assisted 100% Outdoor Air System", Building Services Engineering Research and Technology 32(4): 345-360. (SCIE)

Jeong, J.W., A.S. Choi and S.T. No. 2010. "Improvement in Demand Controlled Ventilation Simulation on Multi-Purposed Facilities under an Occupant Based Ventilation Standard", Simulation Modeling Practice and Theory 18(1): 51-62. (SCIE)

Jeong, J.W., J. Firrantello, J. Freihaut, W. Bahnfleth, and A. Musser. 2008. "Feasibility of Wireless Measurements for Semi-Empirical Multizone Airflow Model Tuning". Building and Environment 43: 1507-1520. (SCIE)

Jeong, J.W. and S.A. Mumma. 2007. "Practical Cooling Capacity Estimation Model for a Suspended Metal Ceiling Radiant Cooling Panel". Building and Environment 42(9): 3176-3185. (SCIE)