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Choi, Chang-Sik Professor
Lab : Architectural Structural Engineering Lab.
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Fax : 02-2220-4371
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Dr. Choi Chang-Sik is professor in the Department of Architectural Engineering at the Hanyang University where he teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in the areas of reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, architectural structural systems, structural mechanics, composite and hybrid structures.
Choi Chang-Sik holds a B.S., M.S. and Ph.D, all in Architectural Engineering (Hanyang University, Korea). He has been on the faculty of the Department of Architectural Engineering at the Hanyang University since 2005. After completing his Ph.D. in 1991, he joined the Architectural Engineering faculty at the Daejin University. In 2005, he returned to the Hanyang University as a faculty member. Prior to coming to the Hanyang University, he was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Ottawa (Canada) and a visiting scholar at the University of Illinois at Urbana -Champaign(U.S.A.).
He is licensed professional structural engineer, has worked as a practicing structural engineer at Dongyang Consulting & Engineering Co., and continues to take part in consulting assignments with industry and government.
Dr. Choi has research interests in reinforced concrete & smart structures, seismic design and seismic retrofit of concrete structures, rehabilitation of concrete structures, structural use of High Performance Concretes(UHPC, FRC, ECC, etc.), precast and prestressed concrete structures, composite structures, masonry structures for buildings. His previous/on-going research topics specially include seismic response of reinforced concrete low-rise structural walls.
He has served as a member of the research committee of the former STRESS Center. Dr. Choi, a leading authority on architectural structural engineering, is the author or co-author of various books. He has also written over 250 research papers on concrete structures in leading academic journals such as Journal of the Architectural Institute of Korea, Journal of the Korea concrete Institute, Structures and Buildings, Journal of Earthquake Engineering, Magazine of Concrete Research.

1991, Ph.D. Hanyang University, Structural Engineering
1987, M.S. Hanyang University, Structural Engineering
1984, B.A. Hanyang University, Architectural Engineering

Professional Experience
2007-Present, Professor, Architectural Engineering, Hanyang University
2005-2007, Associate Professor, Architectural Engineering, Hanyang University
1993-2004, Associate Professor, Architectural Engineering, Daejin University
2001-2004, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Visiting Scholar
1995-1996, University of Ottawa, Post-Doc.
1983-1984, Dongyang Consulting & Engineering Co. (Jong-Soon Shin`s Structural Eng. Office), Structural Engineer

Major research projects
Structural Engineering, Reinforced Concrete & Smart Structures, Earthquake Engineering, Development and Utilization of UHPC(Ultra High Performance Concrete), Precast and Prestressed Concrete Structures, Composite Structures, Masonry Structures

Selected Publications
Tae-seok Seo, Yoshiteru Ohno, Chang-Sik Choi, "Crackimg Due to Drying Shrinkage in RC Wall Part1: Estimation by Bond Analysis", Magazine of Concrete Research, Vol.61, Issue.8, pp.609-619, Oct, 2009, (SCI)

Tae-seok Seo, Moon-Sung Lee, Chang-Sik Choi, Yoshiteru Ohno, "Properties of Drying Shrinkage Cracking of Concrete containing fly ash as partial replacement of Fine Aggregate", Magazine of Concrete Research, Vol.62, Issue.6, pp.427-433, Jun., 2010, (SCI)

Hyung-suk Jung, Chang-Sik Choi, “An experimental study on the behavior of square concrete-filled high strength steel tube columns”, Journal of Iron and Steel Research, International, Vol. 18, pp.878-882, May, 2011, (SCI)

Joo-Hong Chung, Hyung-suk Jung, Chang-Sik Choi, “An Analytical Study of Spiral Type Shear Reinforcement considering Bond Stress”, Advanced Science Letters, Vol. 13, pp.27-32, June, 2012, (SCI)

Baek-il Bae, Hyun-ki Choi, Chang-Sik Choi, “Finite Element Analysis of Design Parameters for High-Performance Hybrid Coupled Shearwall Joint”, Advanced Science Letters, Vol. 13, pp.46-51, June, 2012, (SCI)

Baek-il Bae, Hyun-ki Choi, Chang-Sik Choi, “Stress Block Parameters for Steel Fiber Reinforced Reactive Powder concrete ”, Advanced Science Letters, Vol. 13, pp.115-119, June, 2012, (SCI)

Hyung-suk Jung, Joo-Hong Chung, Chang-Sik Choi, “The behavior of square concrete-filled high-strength steel tube columns”, Advanced Science Letters, Vol. 13, pp.146-151, June, 2012, (SCI)